Effervesce specialises in school financial planning and management. I help education leaders connect their vision for children’s learning to their strategic financial planning.

Whether providing collaborative strategic planning, a financial health-check or consultancy services, my starting point is always your vision and your pupils. I know that cost-effective use of resources in a school is about more than just the money.
I focus on your challenges, projects and dreams, bringing expertise, an external perspective and extra capacity.

I tailor tried and tested methods to deliver bespoke packages to meet your needs and budget.



The Way I Work

The Effervesce approach to Education-centred Strategic Financial Planning (ESFP) places pupils at the heart. This method is for those who are passionate about delivering the best possible education from a limited pot of money. It is for those who want to build financial plans that resource the education journey rather than frustrate it. My approach leads towards educational success and financial viability.


Bringing together a unique set of skills

Understanding the numbers

I love delving into the figures, looking closely at the data you provide alongside financial benchmarking from schools similar to yours. My creativity, research and analytical skills come into play as I spot patterns and identify opportunities to explore with you. With strong expertise in this area, I can help you improve your financial health, efficiency and budget management.

Strength in relationships

I don’t just sit behind a spreadsheet. I work with leadership teams to shine a light on the schools’ current position and vision for the future. The Effervesce ESFP method will leave you bubbling with ideas to explore at your own pace, and I am here to support you along the way. I don’t just want to find the right road, I would like to be there with you on the journey.

Finding clarity

The education system is ever-changing and it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. My method brings clarity to key measures of cost-effectiveness, curriculum and financial efficiency as well as identifying the disconnects and opportunities for collaborative planning. Crucially, you will be able to communicate and implement the resulting strategic plan with purpose.


Working in collaboration

At the very heart

Making the money work hard for children

We don’t get to decide on the level of funding for schools, we have to make the very best of what we have, honest about the limitations whilst accountable for the outcomes. When we are paralysed by uncertainty about the future, we limit our ability to achieve something great, because almost everything worth having requires a bit of time. Education-centred strategic financial planning is too important to ignore.

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