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Embedding an education-centred approach to strategic financial planning

Making strategic planning a priority

Strategic planning is one of those important things that often gets pushed out by the urgent. Even the best intentions can get squeezed out or derailed by uncertainty over future demands.

We know that most of the changes you need to make to bring about greater curriculum and financial security will take up to three years to implement. Annual planning isn’t enough.  

A simple seven-step approach

I have been supporting schools with Education-Centred Strategic Financial Planning for many years now, developing a simple seven-step approach for senior leaders. We have worked with the DfE on their guidance for Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning, with our resources now available on their website. You can download a copy of our seven-step guide here

how I can help

Need some support with your planning?

When it comes to financial planning, getting started can be the hardest part. And sometimes senior leaders need a little expert support.

That’s why I’ve created two ways to support you and your senior team through a step by step approach to education-centred strategic financial planning. 

I can come into your school and run a workshop for you and your team to get you off to a flying start. I can support you in creating an education-centred strategic financial plan that works for YOUR organisation.  

Need something a little more bespoke? At times of significant change or pressure it can help to have an external perspective to reshape existing plans or explore options for the best way forward. A Resource the Plan Day might be just the answer.

Not sure which is right for your organisation?

Get in touch and we can help you decide.


“Susan has made it her business to learn, know and understand how schools work and in doing so, to see through the “numbers,” actually understanding fully the educational impact of budget decisions.”

Tony Bloxham, Director, Taunton Teaching Alliance