a modular programme for school leaders

Embedding an education-centred approach to strategic financial planning


Making strategic planning a priority

Strategic planning is one of those important things that often gets pushed out by the urgent. It requires educated guesswork about the future, and an assessment of the potential implications if that’s wrong. 

Every significant change takes about three years to implement successfully, so failure to plan across the medium term makes it hard to get started with the big stuff.

If you knew that in three years’ time you would have implemented changes to bring greater curriculum and financial efficiency, having taken all key stakeholders with you along the way, wouldn’t you want to start that planning now?

A simple seven-step approach

We have been supporting schools with Education-Centred Strategic Financial Planning for many years now, developing a simple seven-step approach for senior leaders. In fact we have worked with the DfE on their guidance for Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning, with our resources now available on their website.

You can download a copy of our seven-step guide here


Need some support with your planning?

When it comes to financial planning, we know that getting started can be the hardest part. And we also know that sometimes senior leaders need a little expert support.

That’s why we are offering a modular programme to support you and your senior team through a step by step approach to education-centred strategic financial planning.

How will this programme help?

By the end of this programme you will:

  • have an integrated education and financial plan that provides the strategic framework for annual budget, staffing and curriculum decisions

  • have developed the plan as a team, with key stakeholders engaged
  • have made space to focus on the strategic despite the demands of the day-to-day
  • have tamed the uncertainty and be in a position to manage risks effectively
  • be able to demonstrate how you are managing to achieve the very best from limited resources and be in a position to help those who make resource decisions see what more you could do with some headroom

What to expect

Programme Outline


Introduction to the model and the programme, who should be involved, timescales, etc


Taming the uncertainty, developing three reasonable planning scenarios


Understand the knowns and the plans, including benchmarking, cost-effectiveness and the three key strands


Preparing a plan – the power of three – three years, three scenarios, three strands – with ICFP spreadsheets 


Review and reflect, building detailed plans for the coming year in the context of the emerging strategic plan


Decide, communicate and implement, including templates for strategic plans and suggestions for governance and oversight

The programme is delivered remotely through webinars, videos, worksheets and other resources. Team work will make for a better outcome, so you can involve as many members of your senior team as you like.

You’ll receive support materials and planning tools, so that by the end of the programme you’ll have your plan in place. 


trusted expertise

Why Effervesce?

We’ve been helping schools connect their vision for children’s learning with financial planning for years now.

We understand data and we understand schools – you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing!


If you’d like to explore whether this modular programme for senior leaders would be right for your organisation, click here to book a call with Susan.