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Integrated Financial Planning

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My Approach

I understand the education business. I know you want to focus on teaching and learning. I get that money is tight and the future uncertain.

I have learnt that planning one year at a time can limit what can be achieved because real change takes time.

I love working with education leaders to connect vision and strategic financial planning so that dreams for children and young people can be realised.

A Fresh Perspective

Schools & Trusts

I can bring an injection of energy, a careful sprinkling of external support, challenge and expertise and a focus on making limited resources work hard for children.

This may be about the numbers, it may be about the budget, but it is just as likely to be about the connections, relationships, systems and processes that underpin everything you do.

Collaborative Strategic Planning

Schools & Trusts

I will always want to start with a real understanding of your vision and your pupils.

Then, using my simple-yet-effective approach to education-centred strategic financial planning, I will work with you so that you can tame the uncertainty and build a plan to achieve both educational and financial success.

Professional Expertise

Supporting the education sector

There are many brilliant organisations supporting schools and trusts, from local authorities, sector bodies to service and software suppliers.  The very best reach out  beyond their internal team to learn, develop, explore and improve.

If my knowledge, expertise, experience and approach can help, I love to collaborate and share.


“Susan has made it her business to learn, know and understand how schools work and in doing so, to see through the “numbers,” actually understanding fully the educational impact of budget decisions.”

Tony Bloxham, Director, Taunton Teaching Alliance

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