School Finance Specialists

Connecting educational vision with strategic financial plans, improving financial health and efficiency and helping schools to achieve their best.

About us

At Effervesce, we specialise in school financial planning and management, working with education leaders to connect vision to strategic financial planning so that dreams for children and young people can be realised.


Born out of working with headteachers and education policy makers since the early days of local management of schools, Effervesce combines accountancy expertise with a deep understanding of the education sector.


We know that many busy headteachers worry about their school's finances but really want to be able to focus on teaching and learning, rather than running a business. We can help bring the two together in a way that works for you and your team.

Susan Fielden

Susan Fielden, CPFA, Director of Effervesce

Training and Development


From conference speaking, workshops to explain the mysteries of school finance or CPD programmes for aspiring Heads



Improvement programmes


Developing shared responsibility for the budget across the senior team, improving reports for governors, securing demonstrable cost-effectiveness



Strategic Financial Planning


An external health check, help with a deficit recovery plan, managing risk and reserves





At Effervesce we take time to reflect and research. We take system leadership responsibilities seriously.


Through the work we do, and in our free time, we are engaged in the search for fairness in allocation of funding and effectiveness in its use. Some of the projects we are working on include:



  • Analysis of the Government's School Funding Reform proposals
  • Development of strategic planning tools for schools and multi-academy trusts that link educational decisions with budgets
  • Finding new ways to measure cost-effectivenses
  • Using an assessment of risk to determine safe levels of reserves
  • Presenting financial information to the Board - a targeted and accessible dashboard approach



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School Finance Specialists, working with a range of professionals, to improve the planning and management of resources in schools

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